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Hosting An Event


Thank you for your interest in hosting an event to help support Delegate Jackson’s Campaign. We have provided several guidelines to assist you with planning an event. If a photo is need of Delegate Jackson and a bio-sketch for advertising your event, please click here to download the official photograph.

Event Guidelines

  1. The event should be promoted as a fundraiser.

  2. The event should consist of 10 or more people.

  3. The advertisement should be by phone, flyers, social media, phone calls, etc.

  4. The event planner should contact the campaign office 15-20 days prior to the planned activity for the availability of the Delegate and should also provide alternative date and times.

  5. The event planner should request in advance any campaign literature need for the event.

  6. The event planner should provide a list of invited elected officials and dignitaries.

  7. The event planner should provide a simple outline of the activities at the event from the beginning to the end. Sample below:

    1. Title of the event / Slogan

    2. Date, Time and location

    3. Arrival time for the Delegate

    4. Social opportunity & Photos

    5. MC/Host Introduction of the Delegate

    6. Speech or comments from the Delegate

    7. MC/Host make an appeal for campaign donations

    8. MC/Host close the event

  8. All Flyers should be approved by a campaign staff member.

  9. Some types of events: BBQ Backyard events, Family Reunions, Sporting events, High School events, PTA, Association’s meeting, Union meetings, Community events, etc.